ACTRIS-UBB will be one out of over 100 facilities that constitute at present the Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure Research Infrastructure (ACTRIS RI).

The importance of research infrastructures in Europe

Research infrastructures provide a great framework for collaboration between research institutions and economic actors in different countries, in order to ensure the efficiency and sustainability of scientific activities at European level. They support knowledge transfer in various scientific fields by haring data, research facilities and equipment, thus avoiding unnecessary duplication of research. These infrastructures also promote a well-organized, equitable and transparent system, which, in the long run, will ensure research excellence.

ACTRIS RI on the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) Roadmap

ACTRIS has been part of the ESFRI Environmental Roadmap since 2016, due to the long-standing collaboration of the European scientific community in the field of atmospheric studies. ACTRIS RI is now in the implementation phase, and starting with 2025 the research infrastructure will be fully operational.

The role of the ACTRIS RI

ACTRIS RI is a complex, pan-European infrastructure, with the strategic aim to secure the long-term, coordinated aerosol, cloud and trace gas observations. ACTRIS RI ensures the access to high quality data and information related to atmospheric processes relevant for climate and air-quality studies, by integrating European ground-based stations equipped with advanced atmospheric probing instrumentation for aerosols, clouds, and short-lived gas-phase species.

ACTRIS-UBB contribution to ACTRIS RI

By connecting the CARO DC Data Center to the ACTRIS RI Data Center, all data and equipment, acquired within the ACTRIS-UBB project, will be made available to the ACTRIS community, in accordance with observational protocols that permit harmonization of collected data and their dissemination.

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