The ACTRIS-UBB mobile laboratory arrived to UBB

The ACTRIS-UBB mobile laboratory was received. The new mobile laboratory allows air quality monitoring through column and in situ investigations, being equipped with the following equipment:

  • Aerosol LIDAR system, with a Nd:YAG type laser. The system is connected to a control unit inside the ACTRIS-UBB mobile laboratory, which allows the storage and processing of data measured in the field in real time. The equipment meets the quality requirements ACTRIS – AEROSOL REMOTE SENSING STATION.
  • Compact meteorological station, which can measure the main meteorological parameters, such as: temperature, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, wind direction and speed.
  • Automatic measuring system for determining the concentration of particles in suspension fraction PM10 and / PM2.5.
  • Gas analyzer system, composed of 6 individual analyzers, which allows the automatic determination of the concentrations of:
  1. Carbon monoxide (CO);
  2. Carbon dioxide (CO2);
  3. Nitrogen oxides (NO/NO2/NOx);
  4. Methane (CH4);
  5. Ozone (O3);
  6. Sulfur dioxide (SO2)

The ACTRIS-UBB mobile laboratory was delivered by INOESY SRL, based on the public procurement contract concluded between the company and Babeș-Bolyai University on 14.02.2022.